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dmcrun   in reply to Lcollver   on

DO YOU NEED A FREE CAR? This is no joke,it's very real..

i did they never returned that i know of an email
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Miemie   in reply to Miemie   on


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vegaseboni   in reply to HelpsuzySmog   on


Sometimes you have to be the bigger person so that the family will regain your trust. You may want to think about everything that is good in your life. I know that is what i have been doing. Meditation prayer and self love is what you need to worry about. Until you are fully comfortable with self and believe in your self the rest will fall into place.Family is more than blood connections it is all about love support and trust. I believe that once you fully believe in yourself and prove to yourself that you can do stay on track you will start feel good and when the good vibes go into the universe good things will come to you in abundance. I have been practicing this my self for the last few mnths and one day at a time things are still hard but my mind knows that things will change and get better. I try to remember to be thankful for the things that are good and work on changing the things that I can change. My Grandmother always said why worry about the things you can not control and make the best of what you have control over. It took me many years to under stand. She was right it is what it is and make your life the best you can because you only live once. Stop asking Why? release your feelings to the universe and time will heal the hurt. I write my feelings down and read it out loud by myself and then burn the paper, to me this helps me release to the universe,god, your choice. My pastor said it this sunday when prayer go up blessings come down. CRY,SCREAM, LET IT OUT AND YOU WILL FEEL THE RELEASE. GOOD LUCK GOD BLESS

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Bobo: Depressed need a job and quick money. Love would not hurt either. I am tired of selling

Depressed need a job and quick money. Love would not hurt either. I am tired of selling what I own for next to nothing.
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Sophie 17  

Needing a car.: Hello, hope everyone is doing well. I live in St. Louis Missouri. I am 55, single,

Hello, hope everyone is doing well. I live in St. Louis Missouri. I am 55, single, disabled have had back surgery and have Degenerative Disk Disease, Copd, Chronic Back Pain, Chronic Arthritis, and many other health ailments yet I still help others as much as I can. Up until a year and a half ago I took care of my mother dealing with Alzheimer's for 7 years and made a promise to my dad ( to whom I took care of 12 years ago when he had squamous carcinoma cancer and took he took his own life) that took me forever to deal with and I still have problems. My niece Vanessa has cerebral palsy is 21 and she and I do everything together. My car is a 2001 Elantra and is dying. I only get so much a month on disability and I now need help...
Anyone have any suggestions please help. But no smart comments, I am at a part in my life where as I can not handle any one being mean to me any more. Thank You and May God Bless!
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choice: Freedom of choice has always been the American way but when people abuse it we all suffer

Freedom of choice has always been the American way but when people abuse it we all suffer the consequences of their actions one way or another!
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medical quack: And how to deal with this violation of freedom of choice? is the people not realize yet?

And how to deal with this violation of freedom of choice? is the people not realize yet?
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medical quack: I am worry because I look my future unpredictable because of some state sectors who want

I am worry because I look my future unpredictable because of some state sectors who want to impose tax burdens with the pretext of providing "acequible medical coverage "
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niah   in reply to RichRANE   on


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HelpsuzySmog   in reply to AidpageTeam   on


I don't know where to start? Ever since I made up my mind never to return back to prison for what would be #8, no matter how hard I've worked, listened, accomplished and have learned about myself, the people who are my best supporters in my life "today" are people I have recently met, and the people who matter "family", refuse to forgive or believe in the me so they are no longer in my life. Not my choice, very hurt, lost and confused on "why".
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truefriend   in reply to g8tchick   on

What's on your heart and mind today?

Hi how did you get on? Did your girl get a new heart?
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kbs1983   in reply to amanda3365   on


How are u...
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I will work for you cleaning ur house if you help me provide gifts for my kidos

I will work for you cleaning ur house
if you help me provide gifts for my kidos
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delacruzOfelia   in reply to midknightstarlh   on


Hi im a mother of 4 children
Ages 6,5,3 and 10 month
I really need gifts for this christmas please helpe
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jayney   in reply to Laura14   on

100 ways to get money w/no job and no computer!

You could shovel snow
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hibiscus   in reply to runningbear   on


just wanted to say hello and how you are doing.God Bless you ,i hope things are working out for you.I will keep you in my prayers
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princess.gibson   in reply to Libby3   on

Comment: I need money fast. Currently...

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Blue tea   in reply to Christine616   on


Hello, I'm a single women that walks 1.5 miles and then take the bus to get to work. When I arrive to work I'm on my feet for four to five hours running up and down stairs. I am a usher/guest relation representative and I love it. However, when my shift is over I have to try to find ways to get home because the buses has stop running. (9pm.) Some nights I don't have anyone to give me a lift home so I would have to walk or pay for a cab which is $18.00 for a 2.5 mile drive. It's frustrating and a hardship because I make $32.00 dollars a night and schedule only 5 days out of the month. But, this is the safest way home and it beats walking the 5 miles back home at night. I'm seeking additional employment and it's been ruff especially when I'm trying to get to my interview clean, press, and rejuvenated looking. Dealing with public transportation takes a lot out of you. Moreover, many employers want to interview has soon as you send over your resume. This is a good thing! Yet, it's imposable for me because the bus in my area runs every hour on the weekdays and not at all on weekends. I had several opportunities pass me by due to none reliable transportation.

I'm not really worried about the fire hoops that I have to jump through. It's my daughter that I worry about. She the only child that I have living and she is a very good, good, good young lady; I'm over joyed that God bless me to be her mother. This young lady (my daughter) helps with the bills, graduated from Kaplan College, and went back to school full time to get a higher degree. She also works two part-time jobs for low wages and after paying the bills she may have $10 if that; yet she still have a positive attitude. (This hurts me deep because I was the one that she counted on and now the tables have turn it's hard for me to have her taking care of me). She also rides the bus and walks at night; rain or shine. When I go grocery shopping she would meet me at the bus stop and help me carrier the groceries home even after she went to work and school. When she is not working or at school she constantly telling me how someone had walk up to her and offered her a job at xyz corporation but she had to tell them down because of transportation issues.

When my daughter was attending Kaplan College and was about to started her internship. She noticed that she would be late to work for two months if she had to take the bus. One of my family members desired to help her to get a car. I didn't know about her get the car because it was one of her many surprises that she likes to do. I had came home one day and she wasn't there I thought she might to work late. 20 minutes after I had made it in she comes through the door telling me that she got a car. I brush it off because we play a lot like that. She than said I'm series go look. I told her that I was sleepy and I didn't fill like playing. She said mom go look I got us a car. When she said it like that I went and look and sure enough this black pretty H.H.R was looking me in the face. She was so proud that she was able to drive me to work, put grocery in her trunk, and drive herself home from school and work. She kept her car cleaner than her room.

Well! She had the car for about four months when she received a certified letter from the dealer stating that she had to return the car. She called and ask them why and at that time they told her that the bank didn't approve them for the loan. My daughter than called the family member and ask why are they trying to take her car back and the family replied they didn't know but they will get to the bottom of it because the loan did go through. When I tried talking to the family member about what was going on the told me that it has nothing to do with me. So I was like o.k but keep collecting peaces of the story. Before they had pick up the car my daughter and I was trying to find another car before the dealer pick up the car the family member was motivating us to I mean my daughter to get in another car. We search high and low and nothing. The family member was there ever step of the way. One car dealer had said for the family member to just buy it for her granddaughter and I heard the family member say they didn't fill comfortable doing that.

After they had pick up the car my daughter told me the hold story. She also told me that the family member told her not to let me drive it. I was hurt to hear that because I hold a Class B license. Three to four weeks later my daughter gets a call from the dealer telling her that the the family member had cancel the contract and that is why they had to take the car back. She ask them if she can keep the car without the family member on the contract because she (my daughter ) was the one making the payments but they told her no. I tried to co-signing but my credit wasn't strong enough. I tried to buy it myself but the dealer said my credit was o.k but I didn't make enough money. I tried adding my daughters' income on but they said she didn't have enough credit establish and both of us together didn't make enough. You should have seen my daughters face. The glow that she has about herself had went away and a dull lifeless spirit had came upon her. ( I got scared) But I had to be there for her. My daughter had went into a short depression over this. With a lot of prayers and positive energy she made it out of that depression. I thank the good LORD when I seen the glow reappear and see her walk across the stage at her college graduation! (Kaplan College) Time to time I find her reflecting back on that day, but I tell her to stay positive, prayerful, and have faith something will give. Christine616 sent me here to tell my burning testimony.
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Mommy at her wits end  

Pleas NO GOD B.S.! I feel like crap today! Head hurts;STRESSED to the Max;Tired;Hungry

Pleas NO GOD B.S.!
I feel like crap today! Head hurts;STRESSED to the Max;Tired;Hungry Outta FOOD;Outta Soap;Shampoo;Conditioner;Anti-Perspirant and what few clothes I had were ruined as I had to hang them out to dry and some critter decided to shred them ALL
Then to top it off,I sat my ONLY pair of Glasses down and my son accidentally broke them!
No Way to afford new ones nor any of the other stuff we need!
We are as my Dad would have put it SOL because the whole situation is FUBAR!
NEED GROCERIES!!! Need 12 pair boyshort brief panties;12 pairsocks2;bras;lightweighht tennis shoes;6 pair of leggings-X-tra Long and long length Hi Low Tees and 6 long length Hi Low sweaters;an Asymetrical Sweater;a Maxi Dress;a Maxi Skirt and Top;Pair Flat Heeled Tall-up to knee Boots and a Coat as well as 4 Sleep Shirts;a Long Thick Robe and a pair of Hose Shoes so I would have enough clothhes to get me through the rest of the year!
Kids need Tablet Computers and Wi-Fi Access!
Tired of living tired of not being able to provide the things my kiddos need!
Gotta go now-No more Internet Access today!
Hugs to ALL
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kalipta   in reply to soulight   on


please i need some help with money, we immigrate to another country, we been assault and now we can even work because we don't got any permiton, we actually in debts, we can even comebact to our country because we don't have the money for the tickets, but living n this country is a i need an operation to get better..could you plase help me i woul be very grateful..if you want more details write back in my email..please.
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